What’s in Your Hand?

Using God’s Gifts and Talents to Serve Isolated People Groups

When a missionary pilot makes a flight over miles of remote jungle, what has it taken to prepare that aircraft for a safe flight? When tribal people living in that remote place can read Scripture in their own unique language, what made that possible?
This is a story of challenging behind-the-scenes efforts to enable missions to happen. How God used two people as part of a big team serving in support of the Bible translation task. How God enabled translation projects to progress despite limited supplies and subversive activity.

What’s in Your Hand? is available on Amazon.

Airborne at the End of the Earth

Airborne at the End of the Earth:

God’s Word is reaching the most isolated people on the planet. He’s using airplanes to do it.

Filled with adventure, humor, and surprising insights, this delightful read will inspire and encourage you. Airborne at the End of the Earth provides a remarkable view of God fulfilling his promise to reach every corner of the globe with his love.

Airborne at the End of the Earth is available on Amazon.

Airborne at the End of the Earth

My Heart for Safety

Pioneers of missionary aviation were those who experienced the possibilities of employing aircraft in World War II and applied the magic of flight to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Joe and Elaine Hopkins served in the second wave of aviation missionaries in Brazil. He brought to the Amazon his life-long enthusiasm for flying, his training and experience as a pilot and aviation mechanic, ham radio innovator and operator. Later, in the USA, he was called by God to make missions by airplane safer. He founded and still serves with Mission Safety International, the only agency of its type for instilling and cultivating a committed culture of safety among missionary pilots and mechanics in the field.

How did this come about? It began for Joe as a boy with flying in his dreams and matured to a man with safety in his heart. Strap yourself in for stories you won’t forget.

My Heart for Safety is available on Amazon.

My Heart for Safety by Joe Hopkins

Jungle Pilot:

The Gripping Story of the Life and Witness of Nate Saint, Martyred Missionary to Ecuador
In 1956, pilot Nate Saint and four other missionaries were killed in Ecuador by the Waodani (Auca) Indians they had come to serve. Now Nate’s gripping story of faithful service for Christ is brought up to date through the epilogue written by his son, Steve.

Jungle Pilot is available on Amazon.

Jungle Pilot by Russell T. Hitt