Aviation Effectiveness Research

The Aviation Effectiveness Research (AER) quantifies aviation’s effectiveness relative to surface transport. It identifies the specific ways aviation carries out its functions and sub-functions. The research also gives practical insight on when to use aviation and when to use surface transport.

The AER was designed to enable:

  • Knowledgeable decisions about when, where, and for whom, to use or not use aviation worldwide
  • Wise alignment organizational resources to accomplish kingdom goals
  • Informing or educating people regarding aviation decisions

Unreachable No More

Unreachable No More raises awareness about mission aviation and calls young people to serve remote communities all over the world.

By 2030, one billion people across the world will be unreachable by roads…Global missions and humanitarian aid relies on small aircraft that can land almost anywhere. But the supply line is aging and disappearing. Pilots and mechanics are retiring faster than they can be replaced, threatening the global missions infrastructure.

A new generation must answer the call.