Peter Bastke | Executive Director

Missionary Aviation Repair Center | Soldotna, AK

We are grateful for the opportunities that IAMA provides us to collaborate among different missionary aviation partners. As an organization we have benefited with valuable connections with different training institutions that have directly led to additional staff joining our team. We have been better informed of emerging trends and technologies that impact our future operations. We have been able to represent our ministry at venues that IAMA organized. IAMA become aware of an aircraft available for donation and directed it toward our ministry.

IAMA membership is more to us than just looking for individual benefits. It has expanding our ministry footprint by blessing other organizations involved in aviation missionary activities. We were able assist a ministry in Brazil by being a staging area for the purchase of an Alaska floatplane intended for the Amazon. We provided internship opportunities for aviation students from previously unknown schools.  We have been able to support and encourage mission aviation awareness to a greater audience. All these things can be directly attributed to our participation with IAMA.