AIM AIR is a Christian missionary aviation team operating six aircrafts from two bases in east and central Africa. Our team of pilots, mechanics, avionics techs, media personnel, administrators and managers serve the needs of 50+ Christian organizations and missionaries.

These missionaries serve people in remote places, leaving them isolated and vulnerable. AIM AIR exists to provide critical air support that keeps missionaries safer and serving longer in Africa.

We fly so missionaries:

Can rest assured: One phone call is all it takes. From poisonous snakes to civil wars, missionaries in remote places can find themselves in need of immediate care. With one phone call AIM AIR can immediately begin an evacuation response – swiftly delivering an airplane to their backyard, ready to carry them to safety.

Stay Focused: Maximizing ministry time. When we deliver essential supplies, provide technology assistance, or repair a vehicle between flights, missionaries do not have to be distracted from their most important work. They can focus on people instead of problems.

Go the Distance: Serve longer and go farther. With the airplane as a lifeline, missionaries are no longer limited by time and distance. They become free to deepen relationships and impact hearts with the love of Christ so entire communities' change.

Contact Information

AIM AIR, Wilson Airport, Langata Road, P.O Box 21171-00505, Nairobi - Kenya