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Check out our About | Purpose page for a complete description of our Purpose, Vision and Mission.

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Interested in becoming part of a dynamic community in support of fulfilling the call of the Great Commission via aviation?

The IAMA bylaws distinguish two types of members:
  1. Full members – Individuals or organizations who are actively engaged in some aspect of missionary aviation defined as those who use aircraft or support the use of aircraft to either fulfill the great commission (Matt. 28:18-20; Acts 1:8) or the great commandment (Matt. 22:39). Full members have voting privileges.
  2. Associate members – Individuals or organizations who have an interest in missionary aviation, but are not engaged in missionary aviation as required for Full Membership. Associate members do not have voting privileges.
Member Categories:
  • Full membership – Serving  ($60.00) – Any individual who is actively serving in missionary aviation, but does not belong to an organization, or their organization is unable to join as an organizational member.
  • Associate Membership – Student ($25.00) – Any individual who is enrolled in an educational program (K-12, undergraduate, graduate, or aviation training program) who is interested in, or is involved with, missionary aviation.
  • Associate Membership – Other ($40.00) – Any other individual who is not actively serving in missionary aviation but is interested in participating in IAMA.
  • Full Membership – Large ($350.00) – Any organization with 10 or more staff who are actively involved in missionary aviation.
  • Full Membership – Small ($250.00) – Any organization with less than 10 staff who are actively involved in missionary aviation.
  • Associate Membership – Sponsoring – Any organization that does not meet the Small ($250.00) or Large ($350.00) Organizational requirements but is still interested in participating in IAMA.

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