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  • This website (, and all of its content, is owned by the International Association of Missionary Aviation. IAMA holds the copyright for the website and reserves all of the rights associated with holding that copyright.
  • In contrast to the website itself, the Aviation Effectiveness Research (AER) findings are not copyrighted. As research findings, the U.S. government considers them to be “concepts, principles, and discoveries,” which are not copyrightable. Since the findings cannot be copyrighted, they are not intellectual property.
  • IAMA retains ownership of all AER material from this website when it is used by individuals and organizations.
  • As the material on the AER website is not copyrighted, individuals and organizations may use it without permission.
  • When using AER material, credit should be provided as follows: Source:
  • IAMA owns the AER material on this website; it cannot be sold.
  • The AER logo.
    • IAMA owns the AER logo. The logo may be used in association with presentations of the AER material (e.g. on written reports, on printed material, or in a PowerPoint).
    • The AER logo cannot be used in association with anything other than the AER.
    • The AER logo cannot be modified or altered.
  • Photographs
    • The photographs on the AER website are for website design purposes only and cannot be used by individuals or organizations.
    • IAMA holds the copyright on all photos used on this website.
  • All AER research findings must be used within the caveats and limitations of the research as found on the About page.
  • The user is expected to present the AER material in a manner consistent with its original meaning and intent. Sincere effort should be made to present the material in a way that does not distort the findings or give a false impression.
  • Non-alteration of the AER findings.
    • The research findings cannot be altered; they must be used “as is.”
    • The numerical values on graphs cannot be changed.
    • For example, if a graph indicates aviation’s effectiveness was 2.67 out of 4.0, the value 2.67 cannot be changed.
    • The wording of Axioms & Principles (A&Ps) cannot be changed.
    • The wording of the Ways cannot be changed.
      • For example, if a Ways Table contains the Way “It saves travel time,” that Way must be presented as “It saves travel time.”
    • Respondent statements.
      • The wording of Respondent Statements cannot be changed.
      • Although the researcher attempted to capture the statements verbatim, this was not always achieved. Therefore, the Respondent Statements cannot be portrayed as direct quotes (i.e. with the use of quotation marks).
  • Formatting and colors.
    • The format (i.e. the arrangement of the elements) of the material (e.g. the graphs or tables) may be changed to facilitate utilization.
    • All re-formatted graphs and tables must contain all of the same elements (e.g. title, sub-titles, scale, values, labels) as the original material.
    • The AER materials were designed using a color system to help the user recognize different categories of findings (e.g. green is used for Facilitation of Work; black is used for Trip Detriment). If it’s possible and practical to do so, the AER color system should be used. However, colors may be changed if necessary.
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  • The personal information obtained will primarily be used to correspond with the inquirer. However, the personal information may also be used to communicate changes to the website or make announcements pertaining to the AER. People wishing to opt out of such correspondence may do so by sending an email using the Contact page.
  • The personal information obtained by this website is for IAMA’s use only, and will not be distributed outside of IAMA, provided to third parties, or sold. Personal information will be retained indefinitely.
  • If an inquirer wishes to change or update the personal information they provided, or to be forgotten (permanently removed from the record), they can do so by sending an email using the Contact page.
  • Changes to this privacy policy will be sent to those who’ve initiated correspondence.
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  • If a parent or legal guardian wants to remove their child’s information removed from our records, please use the Contact page.
  • Neither IAMA (owner of the AER project), nor JAARS (commissioner of the AER), nor Scott Zibell (the researcher), are responsible for:
    • Any damages resulting from errors or omissions in the AER material.
    • Any damages resulting from the weaknesses of the AER, or from failure of the user to respect the limitations or caveats of the research.
    • Any damages resulting from the material being altered, distorted, or being presented in a manner giving a false impression.
    • The outcomes of any decisions or actions made based on the AER material.
  • The material on this website was produced independently by the researcher, and does not constitute the views or positions of IAMA (owner of the AER project), or of JAARS (commissioner of the AER).

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