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Aircraft Maintenance Manager

Job Description

Reports to:  Country Director on aviation related matters, all other matters is reporting to the Provincial Director.

Works closely with:  Pilots, Missionary staff, USA staff, and PNG staff and volunteers.

Skills/Qualifications required:

·      Airframe and Power Plant Certificate, Required.

·      Inspector Authorization, Required.

·      Technical records and/or inventory management experience.

·      2 years or more of living and/or working overseas, preferred.

·      Management/leadership experience, preferred.

·      Excellent interpersonal skills.

General Description:  The Aircraft Mechanic, Fixed Wing, will perform aircraft inspections and maintenance to airworthy standards that meet or exceed FAA and CAA requirements.

Those filling leadership positions for SA are encouraged to set an example of servant-leadership, good character, integrity, work ethic and a wholesome family investment.

Core Competencies:

1.    A clear call to the mission field

2.    A servants heart, committed to a life-style of sacrificial service

3.    Teachable, a willingness to learn, has an intellectual curiosity

4.    Ability to Process short and long term stress.

5.    Willingness to be flex and adjust to changing circumstances

6.    Team player

7.    Problem solver along with situational awareness

8.    Self-starter

9.    Goal directed

10. Self-disciplined

Aviation Responsibilities:

·      Acquire CASA AMT certification.

·      Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repairs on aircraft to be available for dispatch.

·      Perform engineering duties in a timely, efficient and accurate manner.

·      Oversee hangar employees.

·      Performs performance reviews on PNG aviation employees

·      Ensure continued airworthiness of the aircraft.

·      Ensure all aircraft are cleaned by hangar helpers.

·      Keep logbooks and paperwork up to date in a professional manner.

·      Trained and able to add information into Quickbase software in a timely manner.

·      Keep an aviation calendar up to anticipated maintenance and inspection dates.

·      Maintain the equipment and facilities for the aircraft.

·      Inventory replace parts and supplies and reorder when necessary.

·      Maintain and monitor aviation fuel stored in Wewak and order and arrange shipping as necessary.

·      Maintain good relations with other PNG aviation service providers.

Ministry Responsibilities:

·      Develop a mentoring/discipleship plan with hangar staff.

·      Participate in evangelism opportunities in Wewak and along the Sepik.

·      Be willing and able to assist as needed in the Hospital ministry and outreach efforts.





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