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Field Research in Missionary Aviation

Leaders of mission aviation organizations need high-quality information with which to make knowledgeable decisions. Those decisions pertain to using aviation effectively in advancing the kingdom of God in remote areas of the world.

As a field research consultant, you would first come alongside leaders and help them identify the questions they need to answer. You would then develop a research methodology to obtain the required information, travel in developing countries to interview respondents, then process and analyze the data, and deliver the findings.

The work model for this job is independent consultant. You would be serving the mission aviation community as a consultant, and thereby, have to be independent from any mission aviation organization. Yet, you would be a member of a sending ministry and raise personal financial support through that ministry. Field expenses are paid by the project commissioners.

This search for a field research consultant is an effort to pass on hard-earned knowledge for the benefit of the kingdom. I’m looking to train someone to replace me in this unique role. We would work together closely as a means of providing training and experience. Please contact me, Scott, if you’re interested.


  • Know how to use word processing (e.g., Word) and database (e.g., Excel) software at a functional level. That is, be able to competently use it for routine tasks.


  • Have adequate skills to successfully conduct interviews. Be able to:
    • Meet people well and quickly establish rapport
    • Manage and lead interviews (to include being respectfully assertive)
    • Ask survey questions effectively, and ask them in a good manner
    • Listen well and correctly hear what the respondents are actually saying
    • Discern which respondent statements are pertinent
    • Work with a translator effectively
  • Able to handle data competently
    • Can standardize data properly
    • Able to determine the viability of data
    • Able to keep track of data and not lose any
  • Have sufficient “word” skills
    • Able to write respondent statements so they’re correct, and are understandable to the reader
    • Able to summarize the aggregated respondent statements
  • Have strong writing skills; can write clearly, correctly, and concisely
  • Able to make and carry out complex plans, whether research plans or international travel plans
  • Able to work and function cross-culturally in spartan and uncomfortable conditions


  • Must “have a mind” for this:
    • Can, and do, follow any instructions, plans, or procedures
    • Are careful and mindful
    • Have strong attention-to-detail
    • Are methodical (i.e., do things in a consistent, systematic way)
    • Do things in a standardized and rigorous manner
    • Can “figure things out” and reason through non-standard situations
    • Are very organized (e.g., keep files, data, papers, and schedules organized)
  • A strong work ethic
    • Keep up with the work and don’t put off entering data or doing other tasks
    • Able to work hard over many weeks and months
  • Humility. Must have the humility to be teachable, and to recognize you don’t know everything. Be willing to readily admit you’re wrong or don’t know the answer.
  • Self-confident; having a correct self-assurance you can perform all tasks
  • Communicate in a clear and timely manner via email, text, phone, or other means
  • Can function autonomously
    • Have a high degree of self-control, and don’t need to be told what to do every step of the way. You naturally take the initiative to accomplish your mission.
    • You finish the projects you start, regardless of the length or arduousness.
    • You can work autonomously, yet are able to work within an organizational context.
  • Particularly adept at working with information, yet have good people skills
  • Able to grasp the big picture, yet have keen attention-to-detail


  • Able to travel internationally for weeks or months at a time:
    • Practically. Know how to arrange international travel and how to travel in developing countries.
    • Physically. Can handle high heat, high humidity, high elevations, and a relentless workload. No medical conditions which would impede field work.
    • Psychologically. Able to work in a different country and culture.
    • Situationally. No domestic responsibilities that would hinder you from being overseas for lengthy periods of time.
  • Bachelor’s degree required; master’s or Ph.D. preferred. The attributes are more important than a graduate degree. If you have the right attributes, you can probably learn the skills.
  • International travel experience, military service, or previous research experience would be beneficial.



To apply for this job email your details to scott@worldairlift.com