52nd Annual IAMA Conference (Register)

We have a great line-up of speakers scheduled for the 52nd Annual IAMA Conference, hosted by LeTourneau University in Longview, TX. I expect many will want to attend and glean information from the rich sessions we have scheduled. Please consider joining us for this in-person only event.

I believe you will receive help from this year’s focus of moving us forward together in these topics: leadership, the general aviation industry, and mission aviation technology.

We are blessed to have arranged for both Dr. Jolene Erlacher to speak about generational studies, and Krista Kotrla to bring leadership insights from Patrick Lencioni’s work at The Table Group.

In addition, we have several aviation industry presentations which I believe will be helpful to many of our member organizations, and technology updates from within the mission aviation community. One presentation of note will be that of Brian Koester, of the NBAA, concerning their Small Aircraft Exemption which allows operators of piston airplanes, small airplanes, and all helicopters to utilize the limited options for cost reimbursement permitted under Part 91, Subpart F of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).

One notable change this year, because of several copyrighted presentations, this is only an in-person event. We will not be live streaming the event. We really want to drive the value of being together face-to-face as we look for new ways to partner and collaborate through aviation for the advancement of the Gospel. I look forward to sharing this time together with you at the conference.

Kerrick Tweedy – CEO
International Association of Missionary Aviation

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