IAMA CEO Update (Winter 2022)

November 3rd-5th, 2022 found IAMA displaying at the International Conference on Missions (ICOM) in Columbus, OH. Five of our members set up displays. MMS brought a fuselage which was being rebuilt. Helimission brought a helicopter for display. These both attracted a lot of attention and sparked conversations as we planted seeds and challenged people to consider missionary aviation as a career if God should lead them that way.

I am including some of the comments from the mission staff:

“I believe the ICOM 2022 was a success! The number of people who stopped to talk was significantly increased and felt we had 3 times the number of contacts as compared to recent years.”

Flights for Christ
“One big take away from ICOM 2022 was the number of individuals we had approach us to pray over us! We were able to connect with others we have known for many years as well. It is incredibly humbling to know that we are part of His huge plan to ‘go into all the world’.”

“One of the reasons that SMAT likes to attend ICOM is that there is an expectation that most attendees have some kind of interest in missions and are seeking ways they can use their God-given gifts and talents to serve God and others. Many conversations gave the opportunity to communicate how aviation is a necessary tool that is used to support and facilitate the work of missions in many places around the world. This year at least 6 indicated they are specifically interested in learning more about how they may become involved in mission aviation.”

“This year because ICOM was held so close to home we took the entire team at MMS Aviation. Many of them had never been part of a missions conference this large. They were excited to see the variety and numbers of organizations working together to reach those who have never heard of Jesus. We had hundreds of conversations with people who wanted to know more about the work of missionary aviation. We have a number to follow-up with.”

MMS has been attending and exhibiting at ICOM for many years, but this year was the best one yet!”

I think that last comment sums it up well. May God work in those hearts which he used us to touch for His kingdom work!

May God bless your ministry as we remember His Son in a special way at this time of year,

Glen Ferguson – CEO
International Association of Missionary Aviation

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