IAMA CEO Update (Spring 2023)

This year is off to a great start at the International Association of Missionary Aviation.

In just a few short months, we have been able to knock a bunch of things off our to-do list:

Membership Update

Membership Renewal – We completed our first annual billing since switching over from anniversary billing to annual billing for our members.

New Members – We have signed up five new members since the first of the year. Please take a moment to visit our members page here: IAMA – All Members

Website Update

We launched a new website in early February. (https://iama.team). We moved our website to an entirely new platform and hosting provider, greatly increasing our ability to update and maintain our website going forward. We hope you enjoy the update and new content. Please feel free to suggest updates or additional content. We have a new Job Posting and Events page making it easier to post updates.

Social Media

Hopefully you are enjoying the daily updates to our Facebook page as we post items and share stories from our IAMA Membership.


Email Distribution – Previously, our master email list was around 375 individuals. By scouring through a number of old email lists from almost the last decade, we were able to increase that list to over 2,900 who are now receiving our emails. We have also moved our distribution list to Mailchimp. If you think you should be receiving our emails, please check your SPAM/JUNK folder for emails from info @ iama.team and make sure you flag “*@iama.team and *@iamaent.org” as approved domains so communications continue to be delivered to your inbox.

Event Updates

SUN ‘n FUN – Eight IAMA Organizations gathered at the Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport for the SUN ‘n FUN Expo. Once again, we were supported by our ministry partner, Aviation Ministry Support Association (AMSA) who worked to help us with many of our needs while at the event.

IAMA’s Alaska Ministries Safety Conference – This is an event that has been held for a few years now and is hosted by MARC in Soldotna, AK. This year, we are rebranding the event to an IAMA event, helping us begin our focus of creating more regional IAMA events around the country.

IAMA Conference – Registration is open, and we have a great lineup of speakers. Please consider joining us at LeTourneau University in Longview, TX, May 17-19. You can download the full program guide and register here: https://iama.team/iama-conference

EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, WI – We have 17 member organizations who will be exhibiting under the IAMA tent this year. We are blessed to have the support of our ministry partner, Mission Aviation Support Association (MASA), to serve us and supply most all of our logistical needs and provide valuable touchpoints within the greater Oshkosh community.

Smoketown Mission Aviation and Technology Fair – Plans are in full swing for this year’s event to be held September 23-24 at the Smoketown Airport (S37). We plan to open registration soon. You can keep up with any updates here: https://iama.team/smoketown.


IAMA Member organizations gather in a number of locations each year to collaborate on how to achieve our number one goal of advancing the Gospel around the world, both individually and collectively. While each individual member organization’s ministry focus looks different, the aspect of using aviation as a tool to achieve that ministry focus is the same. It is at this point we join together as IAMA.

I’m excited to see new energy within the missionary aviation community as we continue to look for ways to work together for the sake of the Gospel.


Kerrick Tweedy

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