The purpose of the association is to assist missionary aviation in facilitating the cross-cultural spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (as expressed in our Statement of Faith), and aiding the needy in Christ’s name. IAMA does this by:

  1. Encouraging members in their role in missionary aviation
  2. Providing members with networking opportunities
  3. Facilitating the preparation of individuals for missionary aviation service
  4. Promoting the welfare of members by:
    • Representing them and acting as a liaison to the general public
    • Fundraising
    • Providing other services as deemed suitable by the Board from time-to-time


Members work together in perfect harmony, collaborate in strategic (big picture) planning, share expertise and resources, spur one another toward excellence, and serve one another without unnecessary duplication.

Aspirants have quick and easy access to quality information and guidance, enabling them to make sound decisions regarding missionary aviation involvement.


To promote among members its vision of excellence, synergism, and recruitment.